Episode 9 | Suheil Tandon is using sports to transform India

My guest this week is Suheil Tandon, the Founder and Director of Pro Sport Development, an NGO in India with the lofty mission of using sports to transform India’s youth. This group first showed up on my radar when they were raising money to buy shoes for children/youth in one of their projects so that said youth could compete in a running event. I have watched stories of the transformation that they bring to the communities that they work with, for the youth themselves, for the parents in the community who start to think about sports differently, and also to the instructors, who learn new pedagogical methods as a part of the process.

One of the things that surprised me in this conversation was the poor government/policy coordination when it comes to setting priorities in sporting. If winning medals was truly the priority for the last several years, I’m not sure India got what it paid for, so an approach that looks for better health and human development outcomes seems worth at shot. But outside of the fact that there are new talking points in town, I’m not sure that there’s anything encouraging on India’s sports-policy front. I’d be happy to have India’s “Sports and Youth Minister” on the podcast if he’d like to shed some insight. His Twitter feed is certainly not reflecting of any change in thinking.

One fascinating nugget for me was Suheil’s decision to not cater to small donors at all. It’s a really smart move, and I think he’ll look back in 5 years and feel really good about having side-stepped that.

Suheil is an alumnus of Woodstock School, McGill University, and Loughborough University. Y’all should be proud.

Episode 8 | Caitlin Tulloch evaluates the effectiveness of policy interventions

Caitlin Tulloch is a policy economist at the International Rescue Committee where she studies the cost effectiveness of policy intervention. It’s the sort of thing that wouldn’t initially seem to be, but actually is, novel in the area of humanitarian interventions. Caitlin’s background and work experience at JPAL also provides very useful context and understanding of the multiple “schools of thought” when it comes to development economics.

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Episode 7 | Pete Kalenik will fundamentally alter your perspectives on policing

An alumnus of the Chicago Public Schools, Concordia University Chicago, The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago¬†and Loyala University Chicago, Pete makes for a very unusual police officer. But his range and depth of perspectives from academia, the US Army, and the Chicago Police Department make him uniquely qualified to help us understand the really complex issues around policing and law enforcement when we aren’t simply confirming our established notions of what policing today really is.

(To be clear, Pete’s perspective is not the official narrative, and he doesn’t speak for CPD in this conversation.)

  • Pete’s website and LinkedIn
  • “Service in Pursuit of a More Perfect Union Takes on Many Forms” by Pete at the Huffington Post
  • And finally, I love his #tag: #WeAllServe