Episode 6 | Sarah Costa will make you believe in libraries again

If you aren’t at a college or university, and don’t have children, the chances are that you haven’t been to a public library recently. Most of my neighbors don’t even know that we have a public library right down the street! So I thought I’d talk to a librarian about whether public libraries are still relevant and we had a delightful conversation. Sarah Costa, Director of Aldrich Public Library, will make you believe in libraries again.

Other show notes:

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Episode 5 | Greg Nance

I spoke with Greg on what was a very early Shanghai morning and late Atlanta evening, and had just so much fun jamming about what Greg has been up to. Greg Nance is an entrepreneur, an ultra-marathoner, and a passionate champion of people-to-people diplomacy (although he doesn’t say as much). Some show notes:

  1. Moneythink: is an incredible organization that grew from a handful of schools in Chicago to a nationwide movement
  2. Dyad.com: mentioned in this podcast a couple times; founded by Greg, this monetizes bridging information asymmetry in the education market through mentorship programs
  3. Start Before You’re Ready: this isn’t some new discovery but Greg certainly owns this more than most people I’ve met
  4. Luck Surface Area, explained here
  5. Blog Recommendation: Ben Casnocha
  6. Talk to strangers: this is how Greg found three of his top mentors. The advice doled out to children (don’t talk to strangers) needs to be discarded at some point; Greg demonstrates the rewards of doing so.
  7. Follow your smile. I love this expression!
  8. Institute for International Education (site)
  9. Open Society Foundation (site)


Episode 4 | Ngiste Abebe

I had a lot of fun jamming with Ngiste Abebe, fellow UChicago alum, author of Bidding for Development: How the Olympic Bid Process Can Accelerate Transportation Development, Co-Found and COO of Aulenor Co, and a campaign organizer in Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Our conversation spanned sports (ok, not really), politics, fantasy and sci-fi, public policy, civil service. We ran out of time before we could fix the health care system so we’ll need to schedule a second session to talk about that sometime.

As always, I’d love feedback, and also your helping in sharing this with others who might enjoy it. Thank you so much 🙂