22 | Jon Peeples on Psychiatry, Public Health, and Writing

Dr Jon Peeples takes us behind the scenes into the world of psychiatry for a fascinating conversation around mental health, being a smarter consumer of psychiatric care, and public health. We talk about encounters in the ER and serving some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. As he observes,

Prozac is not going to fix homelessness.

On recalibrating as a writer:

So I took a step back and said, why don’t I write something less pretentious but maybe equally awesome?

Additional show notes:

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21 | Brian Hart Explains Homelessness in America

Brian Hart is the co-founder of Lighthouse DC, a non-profit that helps people transitioning from homelessness in turning empty spaces into homes that are welcoming and functional for their families. We talk about homelessness in the capital of the world’s richest country, how to talk about homelessness to people with a spectrum of views on it, much more.

Episode 20 | Tova Levin on Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Tova Levin has worked closely with two of the most prominent economists of our generation – Steven Levitt and John List – serving as Levitt’s Chief of Staff for several years before joining Humana as a leader in their behavioral economics division. We nerd out about so much in economics – Gary Becker (read the Becker-as-criminal story we’re talking about here),  the Stanford Prison Experiment and the Institutional Review Board, and why an insurer cares about behavioral economics. Tova schools me on what we know about crime and punishment (that wonderful feeling of being in the presence of other UChicago people; some of you know what I’m talking about). Then we talk about women in economics and mentoring (we’ve been talking a lot about mentoring recently!). You might be interested in some of her other work: on The HeartStrong Randomized Clinical Trial,  on studying high-capacity givers. Read about the UChicago Charter Schools program here.