24 | Jim Tanner

Jim Tanner founded Just Good Advice with the goal of providing sound financial advice to ordinary people. In the story that takes him to Just Good Advice, we talk about his first fin-tech company from when the best way to transmit data was the fax machine; Morningstar, where Jim ran the sales team; and the realization for Jim that he wanted to create something to make investing simple for mainstream America: financial advice for the not-1%. We discuss the Value of Financial Advice from a paper written by David Blanchett (spoiler alert: ~1.5%) and the idea that in investing, you get what you don’t pay for (see this blog, and this shiny paper from Vanguard).

23 | Adam Greenberg on the Peace Corps, Zambia, and Living

Adam Greenberg shares his journey to become a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia via AmeriCorps and other random travel. For someone so young, he’s certainly lived in a lot of places by his own choosing; this conversation was great. We need to all think more about the impact of student debt on the labor market and on civic life and do something about it, but that’s a story for another podcast. If you don’t know where Zambia is, no judgement, but once you see pictures you might want to be scheduling a trip there! And here is Adam’s Instagram account.

22 | Jon Peeples on Psychiatry, Public Health, and Writing

Dr Jon Peeples takes us behind the scenes into the world of psychiatry for a fascinating conversation around mental health, being a smarter consumer of psychiatric care, and public health. We talk about encounters in the ER and serving some of the poorest and most vulnerable populations. As he observes,

Prozac is not going to fix homelessness.

On recalibrating as a writer:

So I took a step back and said, why don’t I write something less pretentious but maybe equally awesome?

Additional show notes:

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