25 | Rohit Chopra and the history of Indian media

Rohit Chopra is the co-host of the podcast India Explained and Associate Professor at Santa Clara University. We talk about journalism in India and it’s evolution from the days of Doordarshan to the cornucopia of (mostly bad) options available today. Through our conversation I was introduced or reintroduced to a number of people and bodies […]

Episode 17 | Avi Patchava on India’s Future with Artificial Intelligence

I stumbled upon Avi Patchava because of his recent post, “The 5 unexpected reasons why Indians make it as CEOs of global companies,” and I was surprised that it was so sincerely reasoned. Avi graciously agreed to jam with meĀ  and we talked about his journey from London/McKinsey to InMobi, the tech scene in India […]