24 | Jim Tanner

Jim Tanner founded Just Good Advice with the goal of providing sound financial advice to ordinary people. In the story that takes him to Just Good Advice, we talk about his first fin-tech company from when the best way to transmit data was the fax machine; Morningstar, where Jim ran the sales team; and the realization for Jim that he wanted to create something to make investing simple for mainstream America: financial advice for the not-1%. We discuss the Value of Financial Advice from a paper written by David Blanchett (spoiler alert: ~1.5%) and the idea that in investing, you get what you don’t pay for (see this blog, and this shiny paper from Vanguard).

Episode 1 | Life of the Mind with Neal Idnani

In my first conversation for Life of the Mind, I jam with Neal Idnani, Founder of Naan Stop, a chain of fast-casual Indian restaurants in Atlanta. We talk about the way in which Neal built his business and the struggles of growing a business while balancing the instinct to grow quickly against the risk of growing too fast. Neal’s crisp articulation of why his business exists will be appreciate by other entrepreneurs who are currently soul-searching the vision-mission-culture questions.

I hadn’t heard of Waverly Deutsch before, but Neal credits her class as one of the inspirations for his leap into entrepreneurship so for the students at UChicago still, you might want to check out her class. And finally, we both feel pretty bullish about Booth and entrepreneurship. I’m curious to get thoughts on that.