Episode 18 | Phill Keene on Building Sales Teams

Phill Keene builds insides-sales organizations for companies that are selling to other companies (“B2B”). We jam about what it takes to build a successful inside sales organization, staying relevant in a world that’s changing quickly because of technology, podcasting (he co-hosts a very successful podcast, #RealSalesTalk), and what I’d think of as flourishing or living the good life. Some things I really enjoyed:

  • The 3,000 phone call rule: you start to learn your market after 3,000 dials. Don’t give up before then
  • Power networking: can you do 50 coffees in one year? I might try this
  • On LinkedIn shaming: what it means when executives do it
  • 3 steps to mentoring junior sales talent: set clear expectations, give them a vision of good, give critical feedback
  • Musings on automation and the death of sales