Episode 12 | Kurt Metzger explains sales operations

My guest this week is Kurt Metzger, the Director of Sales Operations at Walgreens. We talk about what sales operations is, how this function supports the sales team, what sort of business problems sales operations professionals (sales operators?) help solve, and how to recruit and retain for this role. I was also surprised to learn that Walgreens has a sales operations team because I assumed that they were just a B2C business (businesses selling to consumers, as opposed to B2B: businesses selling to other businesses).

In The Works/Coming Soon

It's in the works: the first five episodes of Life of the Mind Podcast are currently being produced. My plan is to release them mid-June 2017. It will be a steep learning curve for me since this will be my first podcast, but I have some really interesting individuals lined up and I'm looking forward to starting. My goal is to represent interesting people from a mix of professions and interests: no discipline has a monopoly on thought. If you have recommendations on individuals you'd like me to interview, please contact me and let me know!